Goodbye, Wayfarer

Friends, you may have noticed a lack of mention about m y three speed, the Raleigh Wayfarer. That’s because I haven’t ridden it in months. Currently it looks something like this.wp-1458094697769.jpg

Yep, this stripped down frame is what remains of my Raleigh Wayfarer. No, nothing bad happened to it, no, I didn’t get into an accident. But it’s time to move on, and the Wayfarer is done.

What “killed” it isn’t one big thing, but maybe a dozen smaller deaths. The biggest issue is the paint. Despite it being repainted twice, the paint is in bad shape, scraping and flaking off. I did briefly think about getting it stripped and powdercoated. Hell, I was thinking about getting some braze ons added before the powdercoating, because why not? Heck, maybe canti bosses.

Then I realized how much effort and money that would be, all for a humble three speed frame. It would make it something it wasn’t, it would take it even further from the core British three speed that it started as. Now there’s nothing wrong with doing all these things if you really want to, but I didn’t want another major project like that, especially after getting a custom bike last year. Especially since there are plenty of good three speed candidates already out there.

So the bike has been stripped, the good stuff saved for other things or for sale.

wpid-img_2106.jpgAnd while I realize that a bike is an object, I do have some small twinges of guilt about its fate. I’ve had that bike for over five years, the longest run of my current bikes. I had some great fun with it. It did two Lake Pepin tours! It was the bike that kindled my love for three speeds, without it, there would be no Society of Three Speeds.

But I have to be pragmatic here. Now it’s time for what comes next.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Wayfarer

  1. Spencer says:

    lets see here…Shawn is planning to go back to the lake this year and has stripped old faithfull, that can only mean one thing,,,I wonder what new project is planned?

  2. What Spencer said.

    Having seen the Wayfarer perform at Lake Pepin and in our post three-speed tour, I developed quite the fondness for it. For a little while, anticipating a new project, I was doing “Wayfarer for sale” searches. I still occasionally ponder the idea of a three-speed project, but I can’t seem to develop a clear vision on it yet.

    Eager to see what develops from here…

  3. This is sad news about the Wayfarer, but understandable. I’m at a similar crossroads with my 1991 mountain bike I bought new for $150 as a young teenager. I did my first bike tours with that bike. Much sentimental attachment, but I’m getting tired of replacing rear wheels with busted axles and bottom bracket bearings. The paint job is starting to go. It’s time to move on, although a much harder transition than I expected.

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