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ANNOUNCING: The Three Speed October Challenge!

Introducing a little challenge! You of course realize that I love all things three speed. But here's the thing: I love three speeds as bikes to ride, as transportation. Not as things to gawk at or pull out just for "special" rides. Nosiree! So to encourage folks to get on their three speeds and ride,… Continue reading ANNOUNCING: The Three Speed October Challenge!


A Wednesday ramble, and the Gentlemen’s Country Bike (14 Sept 2016)

Urban Adventure League

Astute followers of my photostreams (whether flickr, tumblr, or Instagram) may have noticed I’ve spent a decent amount of time on my lovely Raleigh Superbe the past month or two, a bike I still haven’t formally introduced here. (Soon!) The big reason is while I have owned the bike since last September and it’s been “road worthy” since March, I haven’t gotten it fully “dialed in” until just about now. And now that it’s dialed in, just about right, I want to ride the bike a bunch!

There are three significant rideable volcanic buttes on the eastside of Portland: Mt Tabor, Rocky Butte, and Powell Butte.* All of these hills top out around 600 feet in elevation, and are about 200-400 above the surrounding landscape. I’ve ridden most of my bikes to all three of the buttes, but up until now I never rode a three speed to the top…

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A couple three speed bike blogs, plus three speed bike blogs in general.

Hello friends! In my planetary ramblings round the Blogoshpere, I occasionally happen upon a Three Speed related blog or two. So I figured I should share a few! The first one is the Bike Shed from somewhere in Virginia. The person behind this blog (Mike?) fixes and restores many a vintage bike, but a lot… Continue reading A couple three speed bike blogs, plus three speed bike blogs in general.