A couple three speed bike blogs, plus three speed bike blogs in general.

28836886925_4803d0e432_oHello friends! In my planetary ramblings round the Blogoshpere, I occasionally happen upon a Three Speed related blog or two. So I figured I should share a few!

The first one is the Bike Shed from somewhere in Virginia. The person behind this blog (Mike?) fixes and restores many a vintage bike, but a lot of them are three speeds, both of the English and American varieties. This blog is pretty active, and Mike is a regular contributor to the monster three speed thread over on Bikeforums.Β He has a lot of good resources on restoration and repair in the sidebar on the blog.

And I also happened upon Classic Three Speeds via a link from Bike Shed. I’m surprised that I didn’t know about this one earlier! (I’ve known about Bike Shed for a couple years.) Or maybe I did see this, but forgot. Anyways, Classic Three Speeds is good for a perusal. But alas, the person behind it was only truly active in 2013, had two entries in 2014, one in 2015, and none this year. I’m worried that it’s defunct.

And that seems to be the case with a lot of three speed related blogs. There’s an initial burst of posts over a year or two, usually coinciding with discovering these bikes. But then the enthusiasm fades, and the blogger finds little to nothing to write about. Which is sad, because I’d like to see more three speed blogs! Yay three speeds! Let’s not just spend bits and bytes all just discussing the minutiae of an AW hub, or thinking that three speeds are only appropriate for your vintage bike ride or Tweed Run. No! These bikes are great everyday rides. Now get out there on your three speed and write about it!

In more positive news, we have found out that the Toggle Chain Tour is still alive and well. Their website was killed by hackers, but they still have a presence on Facebook, so check that out. Here’s hoping they get a website running again!



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