Three Speed October 2016 Week Two wrap-up

Hello all! As we are in the midst of the third week of the Three Speed October 2016 challenge, now is a good time to reflect on what happened during the second week (October 9 through 15).

Here are the folks who completed their second full week:

And here are people who were in for the first week, but we are not sure if they finished the second week:

  • Jeremy over in Denmark!
  • dorsett1957 Terry in St Petersburg Fla. UPDATE: Due to a (non bike related) knee injury, Terry has to drop out of the challenge. Sorry to hear. 😦
  • Vince in Portland.

And an honorable mention to EJP Events: aka Emee in Portland who got in three rides last week (after succesfully finishing her first week), but one didn’t qualify since it wasn’t three miles long. Fear not Emee! There are still three more weeks!

Now, here are folks who started their challenge last week!

Gary’s report, all done on his Fuji conversion:

  1. 42 miles Sakatah/Singing Hills Trail (10/9… I think.)
  2. 14 miles commute (Friday 10/14)
  3. 32 miles Reconfiguration Ride  (Saturday 10/15 – see photos, attached)

Jack’s report:

  1. Monday, October 10, 2016 Bike: Kabuki Tourist Three Speed (Sturmey Archer Equipped) Distance: 9.1 miles Purpose: A utility ride to remove Mankato River Ramble Bike Ride directional orange duct tape from the city streets and trails of North Mankato and Mankato, Minnesota. The sixth annual Mankato River Ramble Bike Ride ( was held on Sunday, October 9, 2016 with over 1,700 registered riders.
  2. Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Bike: Kabuki Tourist Three Speed (Sturmey Archer Equipped) Distance: 8.5 miles Purpose: A recreational ride around Clear Lake, Iowa while visiting my dad. The photo is of the memorial to rock and roll pioneers Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J. P. Richardson at the Surf Ballroom where they performed their last concert on February 2, 1959, prior to their death in a plane crash north of Clear Lake.
  3. Saturday, October 15, 2016 Bike: Kabuki Tourist Three Speed (Sturmey Archer Equipped) Distance: 7.0 miles Purpose: A ride to complete errands to the Blue Earth County Public Library and the grocery store. The photo is of a sculpture titled Mankato Piece by Dale Eldred. The sculpture is located in Riverfront Park in Mankato, Minnesota.

Tim’s report:

  1. 9 Oct  Rode 17.5 miles on my Miyata with Sturmey 5 speed to a friends in west Eugene for lunch. Took my time and enjoyed the blue skies and 70F,  might be the last ride on this bike because no fenders, yet. Stopped for a beer at Oakshire Brewing on way home.
  2. 12 Oct  Rode the Miyata again to get parts for the pellet stove that stopped working and then to Armitage Park to brew up a cup of tea. Was 53F and light fog when started and then cleared off and jumped to 62F+ while I was drinking my tea. Got a pic of old railroad bridge which spans the McKenzie River.  Total of 23.5 miles.
  3. 14 Oct  Rode 5 miles on Azuki during a break in the showers and I did my banking, hit the post office, and had a bowl of navy bean soup at Planktown Brewing in Springfield.  I’m in the process of riding the “Eugene Ale Trail” a promotion by   On the way home got a few groceries at the corner market.

Okay! I hope I got everyone. If I missed you, please let me know. And remember, the BEST WAY to guarantee that you get on these weekly round-ups (and that I know you are participating) is to email me at the end of the week.

Okay, there’s still a few more weeks left. See you out on the lanes!

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