Three Speed October Challenge: Week 3 Report.

Doug in Duluth has completed the challenge! But that pesky derailleur, ugh. What do you folks think?

four season cycling

I’m a bit behind on my postings lately. I finished the challenge 6 days ago. I’ve been trying really hard to take advantage of the Fall weather and Fall colors. I can say I have no regrets this Fall about how much I’ve been able to get outside. I’ve done lots of biking and hiking and even one bike camping trip. That’s my excuse for not keeping up on my blogging.

I was able to complete three rides of at least three miles in three separate weeks meeting the Three Speed October Challenge.  Three of the rides were for errands. Six rides were work commutes. Here is my ride summary for week 3:

Sunday, October 16.


I did a 4.5 mile errand ride to the pharmacy and Co-op.

Tuesday, October 18.


I rode my bike to work and back home, 6.25 miles. This picture was taken underneath the ore…

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