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Three Speed Pub Crawl 2016 report!

Well, the second annual Three Speed Pub Crawl* was a success! And how do I know that?

  1. People showed up!
  2. They brought their three speeds, and rode them.
  3. We stopped at pubs, and consumed beer.

We had five participants for this round: Tim from Springfield, Maria, Emee, and Vince. We met up at Kenilworth Park at 4pm on Sunday October 23. The weather was surprisingly decent for such a damp October: cloudy but dry, in the 50’s F.  A nice collection of bikes, including Vince’s Mongoose mountain bike conversion and Maria’s Ross. (See pics.)

Where did we go?

  1. Gigantic Brewing at SE 26th and Steele. A small joint with more outdoor seating than in. (We chose the outdoor seating.) Gigantic makes one of my favorite IPA’s in town, and I enjoyed one!
  2. Double Mountain Brewing at SE Woodstock and 44th. The legendary Hood River brewer known for its Red Ale and its awesome New Haven style pizza opened an outpost in the Woodstock neighborhood over the summer. The first few months were PACKED, but now it’s buzzing but less crowded. We opted for an outside table, which meant no waiting! I had a fresh hopped IPA and we enjoyed a delicious margherita pie. Yes, it does taste appropriately like New Haven style pizza!
  3. Lutz Tavern at SE Woodstock and 47th. The classic ol’ dive of Woodstock, with its large 1940’s era booths to make you feel like you are part of the Rat Pack or something. (Supposedly the Lutz is where the current Pabst obsession started in the aughts. I had some sort of IPA again, and we also had some tots. Tim had to break off from the ride after this stop.
  4. NWIPA on SE Foster and 64th, a spacious place that specializes in (you guessed it) IPAs. I had another IPA. Emee had to break off here (her sitter wanted to go watch The Walking Dead) so it was Maria, Vince, and myself closing it out.

Total mileage of the ride was about five miles with four stops, much more substantial than last year’s “two stops and barely a mile” crawl. But then again, the weather was more conducive this year!

And man, I’m glad I switched shifts for Monday. I ended up working the PM shift, since being to work by eight would have been a bit brutal. (As it is, I caught the MAX home since it would have been over an hour of riding to get home.) Maybe I’ll do another pub crawl before spring?

You can see the route of the crawl here.

*Well, it’s the second time it happened, and the last one was last year, so it’s annual, right?

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