Closing in on the end of Three Speed October. And yes, the PRIZES!

bearbearprizepackageHello all! Unfortunately no “wrap up” for this week. There will be a big wrap up next week (and a smaller one towards the middle of the month for all the straggler submissions.) But now it’s time to share what the “prize package” is!

Each person who proves that they completed the challenge will receive:

  1. Two stickers
  2. Two buttons
  3. A spoke card!

Please let me know via email at if you are done and please include your postal address! Remember, you have until 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday November 12 to submit your rides! Even if you have been posting these rides on flickr, instagram, tumblr, or your blog, you still need to LET ME KNOW VIA EMAIL. For those of you sending it in by post, you’ll need to get your entry postmarked no later than Saturday November 12.

And while anyone who finishes gets the prize pack, donations for the making/shipping of the stuff is much appreciated! Suggested donation is $3 in US, $5 elsewhere. You can PayPal donations to the email above.

Alright, keep those submissions coming!

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