Cyborg Monday: New and newish stuff over in the store, including NEW COMIC!

Urban Adventure League

Hello friends! It’s the start of the holiday consumerist frenzy in this part of the world. And even though you may feel above it all, maybe you need to get someone a gift. Or that you just want to get some cool stuff yourself. I don’t blame ya!

Over in my Store, I have some new things and some recently rediscovered things. What may they be?

  • First off, a new year ahead means a new year of me sending out postcards for my events. So now it’s time to sign up for Postcard Club 2017! Get about four postcards promoting my Urban Adventure League/Society of Three Speeds sent to your home or post box, anywhere in the world!
  • Also, I discovered I had a few of my Cycle Portlandscreenprinted posters still kicking around. Get some nice art for your wall!
  • And finally, it’s time to release another issue of…

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