Three Speed October: Membership winners!

Okay, I know that Three Speed October is now going on three months in the past! But it took me awhile to figure out who would win a membership! There were several folk who successfully completed the challenge and were sans membership. And everyone is worthy in their own way. So it was hard. So I decided to be generous and award not just three people, but FIVE people complimentary memberships to the Society of Three Speeds!

And the five folk are (in no particular order):

  1. Terry Scott of Bellingham, WA
  2. Gary Charpentier of West St Paul, MN
  3. Lindsay Joy of Winnipeg
  4. Ann Wombatgrrl of Minneapolis
  5. Jack Rayburn of Mankato, MN

And remember, if you did complete the challenge and are not a member, you still qualify for a discounted membership. Ask me for details.


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