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What’s ahead for Society of Three Speeds in 2017?

32239108405_1432c82ee5_oHello friends! This year marks the fourth year of SoTS existence! (Though I started the Three Speed Ride in 2011, so six years for that!) It’s been fun so far: dozens have come on my rides, over a hundred and fifty people have joined the society. And I’m going to keep on doing this until I feel like I don’t.

2016 was overall a good year. We had two official rides, one pub crawl, and the first year of the October Challenge, which was fun! What do I hope to see in 2017?

  • For starters, I need to get off my ass and finish up the new membership kit and start selling memberships again! It’s been almost a year since I cleared out the first version of the kit, and I know some of you are eager to join, or get the new stuff. I should work on that stuff soon and hopefully have it all ready for spring.
  • I want to lead the first Three Speed Ride of the year in March (or maybe early April).
  • During Pedalpalooza in June, another ride! Over the past few years, I’ve piggy-backed this ride after Sunday Parkways. This year, I want to do it as a solo day-long ride, as I feel the participation has been lagging.
  • Another camping trip! I don’t know if I’ll try to do it as part of the Bike Travel Weekend in June or at some other point, but something will happen.
  • Maybe a ride in fall? Not sure yet.
  • I’d like to pull off at least one more Pub Crawl, as the last one was fun!
  • The Three Speed October challenge was also fun, so I want to do that again! I need to formalize it better this year, as it was a bit of a headache keeping track of what people were doing.
  • I have an idea of another, different challenge for spring. I’ll still working on what that will look like if it happens. But it will be fun and different! Stay tuned for details.

The big thing I want to work on is how to bring this thing to “the next level”, so to speak. The last four years have been fun and I’ve met a lot of great and amazing people through this. But I feel like at least in Portland this club has plateaued. The numbers on the rides have stayed low. While it’s great that I have a core group of people who come out to these things, I’d like to reach more people, because I know more people are out there. I guess it’s going to take some more outreach, but I’ve never been the best person at “putting myself out there.” Does anyone have any suggestions? Or what would you like to see happen?

3 thoughts on “What’s ahead for Society of Three Speeds in 2017?

      1. I mean, I’m all for people from wherever to do their own Three Speed Rides. (And if you are thinking about it, Scott, go for it!) But I don’t have the energy right now to organize stuff beyond here. I’ll give support to those who want to do a Three Speed Ride, but I can’t get bogged down in logistics.

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