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From Lovely Bike: A post about three speeds!

"Velouria", the woman behind the immensely popular bike blog Lovely Bicycle, has definitely written her share about three speeds. But most of that writing has been in the past, as she's concentrated on more performance driven bikes in the past few years. But her latest blog post talks about riding her three speed around hilly… Continue reading From Lovely Bike: A post about three speeds!

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First Three Speed Ride of 2017: Sunday April 2!

Yes, my friends, it is a new year. Time to get some Three Speed Rides out there! I still plan on doing one in June as part of Pedalpalooza, and another one later in the year. And there is the possibility of another campout--or two. And a pub crawl! But let's not get ahead of… Continue reading First Three Speed Ride of 2017: Sunday April 2!


Letter Writing Month is Back!

Urban Adventure League

img_20170202_190142_755.jpgHello friends! In the past, I was a pretty active participant in Letter Writing Month. What’s that? It’s simple. Here are the “official rules” from the website:

  1. In the month of February, mail at least one item through the post every day it runs (which in the US is every day except Sundays and Washington’s Birthday on Monday February 20th- my notes.) Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture, or a cutting from a newspaper, or a fabric swatch.
  2. Write back to everyone who writes to you. This can count as one of your mailed items.

I started doing Letter Writing Month in 2012, and kept it up for every year except 2016. (You can read all the reports here.) And I want to do it again this year! Do you want to get a postcard or letter from me? (More than likely it will be a…

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