REMINDER: Three Speed Ride THIS SUNDAY, April 2!

image1Hello folks! It’s just two short days until the first Portland Three Speed Ride of 2017! As of now, the weather looks okay, partly cloudy with a high in the mid-50s. So cross your fingers, but still be prepared for sprinkles. Also, like pretty much ALL Three Speed Rides, there is a little bit of dirt/off-road action. These areas are a bit muddy, but doable. I’d advise wearing shoes with a bit of traction, if possible.

The basic details of the ride remain the same:

  • This ride will happen on Sunday April 2. Meet up at 10:30 am, leave at 11.
  • We will be meeting at Khunamokwst Park at the corner of NE 52nd Ave and Alberta St in the Cully neighborhood. This park is brand-spanking-new, so you ain’t going to find it on an old map. Khunamokwst has a small picnic shelter (yay!), water, and a bathroom that may/may not be open.
  • If you drive, there is limited street parking. And the ride itself is not a loop (but I’ll give you directions back if you need it.)
  • If you are taking Trimet, the 75-Lombard/Chavez bus will drop you off a 1/2 mile west at NE 42nd and Alberta Court. The 72-KIllingsworth/82 bus will drop you off about 1/4 mile north at NE Killingsworth and 52. And the 71-60th Av bus will drop you off about a 1/2 mile southeast at NE Prescott/60th/Cully Blvd. No MAX stop is that close by, but the easiest (read: Not have to climb up the Alameda Ridge from Hollywood or 60th Ave stations) would be the Parkrose Sumner TC stop about 2 miles to the east.
  • There is no real option of food or beverage right near the park. Best chance is on NE 42nd between Prescott and Killingsworth, 1/2 mile west. There is also a few things around the Prescott/60th/Cully Blvd intersection.
  • This ride is only open to bikes with internal gear hubs of 3, 4, or 5 speeds. It doesn’t matter if the bike is new or old, or if the bike is from England, Japan, Taiwan, France, Italy, the former Czechoslovakia, or even the USA. Any bike from any era from any country is good, so long as it is a hub geared bike of 3, 4, or 5 speeds. (Bromptons OK as long as you promise not to use the derailleur.)
  • The ride is about 15 miles long, and will explore some nooks and the crannies of the east side you probably have not been to! There will be a little bit of dirt/gravel road action. Most of the ride will be flat to rolling, with a small hill or two thrown in. Nothing you can’t manage!
  • At some point in the middle, we will have a tea stop. So bring a way to make hot tea or coffee (or cocoa!) or bring a thermos of pre-made drink to participate. Bring a snack/food as well.
  • We will end the ride at a place to get food and drink! And this place will be near transit.
  • Oh yeah, this ride should fulfill four of the five possible challenges of THREE SPEED ADVENTURE APRIL! What’s that, you ask? Stay tuned, full details of the challenge in March!

Feel free to give me a heads up if you think you’ll go, or if you have any questions.

Otherwise, see you Sunday!