Finally, the Three Speed Ride Report for the April 2 ride!

Hello folks! I have to say, we had a pretty good first Three Speed Ride for 2017! For one, the weather was pretty decent, a mix of sun and clouds (though at one point we did feel a couple drops) and a high in the mid-to-upper 50’s. (The only complaint there is the temp was “in between” enough that I kept on adding and subtracting a layer throughout the ride.)

We had a good turnout too, around 15 (we picked up a couple more at the end of the ride.) And the ride itself was just the right mix of ease and challenge, with an overall length of 18 miles. Some folks remarked that this was as far as they pushed their three speeds, which was a good sign. But you can push them even further than this ride!

Oh yeah, we managed to hit up four of the five challenges of the Three Speed April challenge on the ride, everything but the overnight. (Though seeds of an overnight were planned at the end!)

Random notes from the ride:

  • This was the first Three Speed Ride so far to leave Portland! Yes, we passed through the tiny enclave of Maywood Park on the I-205 path.
  • They are definitely getting a lot of work done on Gateway Green, but it’s not open yet.
  • Half of the ride was spent east of I-205.
  • The midway tea stop was done at Knott City Park, a pretty obscure spot for those of us west of 82nd, but a nice spot nevertheless. (Water! Picnic tables! Bathrooms!)
  • The little bit of “dirt track” through John Luby Park was fun.
  • As was the pump track at Ventura Park. Bet you have never seen a dozen or so three-speeders ride a pump track before, eh?
  • And to get the climbing challenge in, we climbed the side of Tabor. We lost a few people here, but regained them down the hill.
  • We ended up at Montavilla Brew Works for beer with pizza across the street from Flying Pie. (It was too early to go to East Glisan Pizza Lounge.)

Here is the route of the ride.

And that’s a wrap! See you for the next ride sometime during Pedalpalooza in June!


5 thoughts on “Finally, the Three Speed Ride Report for the April 2 ride!

  1. says:

    Very envious of you from S Ontario. Very good turnout too. Well done! Roy Bird(two Raleigh Sports and two Twenties).

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