Next Three Speed Ride announced: Sunday June 25

Hey all! We are gearing up for Pedalpalooza, Portland’s annual celebration of Bike Fun. This year, it’s all of June! Of course I am planning all sorts of fun stuff for the month, but as like the past umpteen Pedalpaloozas, a three speed ride will happen!

This Pedalpalooza Three Speed Ride will happen on Sunday June 25th. Meet up at Woodlawn Park in NE (north of NE Dekum St, west of NE 13th Ave) at 9:45 am. Yeah, earlier this time! We’ll be taking off around 10:30 am. Here are some deets and info:

  • Coincidentally, this ride will happen right at the same time as the Woodlawn Park Coffee Outside, which starts at 9 am. So come with your coffee or tea brewing setup. (You’re going to use it again during the ride, anyways!) Some food ain’t a bad idea.
  • Yes, this ride is on the same day as Sunday Parkways-North. No, it is not happening after that, but (somewhat) during it. After dwindling attendance for my June ride the past couple years, I feel that now is the time to mix it up, and do it earlier so we can do a longer ride. There may be time after the ride to catch some Parkways action (and who knows, maybe we’ll even ride part of it?) But fear not, there are several Sunday Parkways to choose from this year!
  • And this is the one “open class” Three Speed Ride I do every year. Meaning: this ride is open to ALL BIKES, not just three speeds. Of course, three speeds are preferred, but don’t sneer at someone for showing up with derailleurs!
  • The ride itself will be about 15 miles total. As always, there’s a bit of “rough stuff”, meaning dirt paths and maybe even push-bike action. Three speeds are capable steeds, you don’t have to be so gingerly with them!
  • Somewhere towards the middle-to-end will be the tea stop. Get out your stoves and kettles! And yes, a snack is advisable.
  • Ride is not a loop, but will end near transit. Directions back to the start gladly given.
  • But if you stick around, we’ll most likely go someplace where we can get food and drink after the ride!

Okay, hope you can join us! And please let me know if you have any questions.


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