A late-month Adventure April report.

Hello folks! Yeah, this update is late. But I have found that the “problem” with this challenge vs. the October challenge is that you fine folks have all month to pull it off, and you don’t need to do it in a weekly fashion. So, only a few people have emailed me results. There are a few other reports out in other mediums, but folks, please remember to still email me them! And tag those posts #threespeedadvapr2017

Here’s what I know so far…

    • On the home front, everyone that attended my three speed ride on Sunday April 2nd fulfilled four out of five of the sub-challenges, everything except the overnight.
    • Out in the Hudson Valley, Spencer has hit up four of the five sub-challenges, everything except the overnight. From his report: “About 17 miles total, a couple off-road segments, coffee outside, one good on road climb and one off-road slog up out of the trails at Clermont Historic site.  The bike used was a first generation Surly 1×1 with a modern Shimano 3 speed hub, 40 tooth chain ring and 16 tooth Cog.  Now, I have to confess that the coffee outside was Starbucks, instant VIA french roast…I know, that it might be “grounds” for review of my membership but in my defense, it was really cold and windy and I forgot to bring a mug.”
    • In New Jersey, Robert has gotten in a couple rides as well.
    • Out in Denmark, Jeremy has gotten in the unpaved challenge plus the distance challenge.
    • Doug in Edinburgh got in the distance and climb portion of the challenge. “I got on the trail last Thursday, did an almost 13 mile run on cycle route 196 with partner and dogs, I then continued alone on route 196, joining Route 1 to go down into the village of Whitecraigs, turning right onto the A6094 and right again at the roundabout onto the A6124 which goes up to the top of Carberry and beyond. I finished up in Cousland village outside the village hall. Total mileage for the two sections is just under 18.5 miles. The elevation of the roundabout at Whitecraigs is 102ft. Cousland is at 492ft. Total climb, 390ft. I did stop very briefly for the traffic lights at the top of Carberry hill but that is at 340ft so already above the 150.”
    • Rowan in Blackpool, UK has gotten in the distance and climb portion of the challenge. “On April 2nd, I participated in Manchester’s Spring Tweed Ride on my Gazelle Cheetah, which completed a 17 mile loop from the Angel Inn, on Angel Street, to Salford Quays, Ordsall Hall and meandering around Salford and Stretford, using the Manchester Ship Canal & river Irwell. I rode in a kilt, which was interesting! On April 3rd, I took a newly re-acquired 1957 Raleigh Sports, whereupon I rode from Bilsborrow, Lancashire, to Scorton, Lancashire, via Claughton and Brock Side. This ride more than covered the elevation and inclines required, many times over!”
    • Stewart in Brighton, UK got in a Coffee Outside on Saturday April 15, on a Raleigh Wayfarer no less! “Things have been a little slow on the three speed challenge front, nevertheless I did manage to fit a pre work coffee outside. I’m hoping to do a three in one next. A 15 mile ride including some off road action and a climb of 10%.”

Alright, hope everyone is having fun out there. Let’s see those reports!


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