Adventure April Update

Hello all! Yeah, I haven’t posted much about the wrap-up to the Three Speed Adventure April yet, and it’s half-way through May! I know, I know. I aplogise profusely.

And what can I say? Life has been hectic. The last few weeks have been Pedalpalooza deadlines, and getting ready for all the other craziness that will happen this summer. Contrast this to last November, after the October Challenge was over. Bike touring season was over, the holidays were approaching. Things winding down. More time for this stuff.

So because of this, I’m giving everyone a little more time to get their reports in. You have until next Friday, May 19th, to let me know. You can email me or send it to my PO Box. Yes, you still need to email or mail me, even if you’ve been tagging me in all of your Instagram posts!

And then I will get a full overview report. We’ve had a good amount of participation, and we have had at least one person who did all five sub-challenges!

As for buttons and patches, I still need to work on all that. Realistically, we’ll probably see all that in July, as I’ll be too busy with other things up until then. I aplogise to anyone who hoped to see it sooner.

Okay, the weather’s getting nice in the Northern Hemisphere. Now is the time to get on your three speed and ride!


2 thoughts on “Adventure April Update

  1. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this. After receiving a surprise postacrd from Portland OR (I’m in England, by the way), I could not just let it go without giving it a shot.
    The stars must have aligned in favour of the challenge, because on the very second day of April, I re-bought my old Raleigh Sports tourist, 1957, which I had sold nearly 5 years before. Then a discovery of a cache of Three-Speeds in an old bike shop led to my having another ‘new’ mount on which to participate in the challenge.
    As soon as I had completed the alloted tasks – after a correction from our Esteemed Leader after I inadvertently used a two-speed hub for one challenge – the stars re-aligned, and May has been a Carrier Bike month, all single-speed. Funny how things go.
    Anyway, thank you again, and I look forward to news on patches & pins later in the year.
    See you up the road.

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