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Mark yer calendars: Three Speed October is happening Oct 1st through Nov 5th. First, here’s what’s different in 2017.

It’s just a week and a half until Society of Three Speeds will be holding our annual fall (or spring, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) challenge! Some of you may have completed it last year (thanks!) and some of you will be totally new. Full details will be published on the blog by this Friday, September 22nd. So hold your horses–er, three speeds!

First off, the Three Speed October Challenge will happen from Sunday October 1st through Sunday November 5th, 2017. Five full weeks to complete the challenge. The basics will remain the same: Ride your three speed, three times a week, for three weeks, each trip at least three miles.

So here’s what’s different:

  • Forms and online registration. It was too much a pain in the ass to look at flickr, or Instagram, or a blog to keep tabs on everyone’s progress. So this year, there will be an online form to register for the event, then online forms to track your progress. The registration form will be online by this Friday! In the meantime, please refrain from emailing me or commenting on the blog about your intent to complete the challenge. Patience, patience.
  • Weekend warriors need not apply. I realize that not all of you folks ride a three speed as transportation, maybe because you live too far from work to make commuting practicable. And with the days getting short, you might not have the time after work  So this year I’m opening up a “Weekend Warrior” clause: You can complete your three rides of the week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Derailleur derailment. The heart of this challenge will still be based around internal gear hubs of three, four, or five speeds. I know that Bromptons often come with a derailleur on top of that, and others have home brew setups with IGH plus derailleur. That’s fine with your day-to-day, but you will need to be able to disable your derailleur (and prove it) to participate. Note that I didn’t say “remove”, just disable.
  • A commute will count as one trip. Since you’re most likely going to ride home after riding to work, a commute will be counted as one trip rather than two separate ones. This is good news for those of you who have short bike commutes, as it will be easier to hit the target of three miles if your one way trip to work is less than that.
  • The make up day: Sunday November 5th is designated as a make up day for those who missed a ride in a previous week. Please note that you’ll only be able to do one make-up trip, so you would have needed to ride two rides that other week. And this will be the only day for make ups.

Okay! Stay tuned for full details. And get your three speeds ready!


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