Three Speed October: Week Four form now available!

Yes, yes, I have been behind on seemingly EVERYTHING with the 2017 Three Speed October Challenge. So very sorry! I still need to write some wrap-ups, and STILL need to finalize the prize design. All to come! In the meantime, here is the form for Week Four! If you rode during the week of October 22 through 28 (or October 27-29 if you are doing the Weekend Warrior Option) please fill out this form. But only for the week described!


Coffeeneuring 2017, Ride 4: A coffee shop quickie, Wed 26 Oct

Another three speed coffeeneuring adventure!

Urban Adventure League

Back to back Coffeeneuring Rides, who would have thought? Well, technically it’s legal according to the rules Mary laid out, and you can do two rides in a week, so why not? I had the hope of pulling down the Schwinn Heavy Duti for this ride, since it would mean a different bike for each ride. But my lock appears to be jammed on it (wheel is locked), so no go there…yet. I hadn’t ridden the Raleigh Superbe this week, and we’re still in the bounds of the Three Speed October Challenge (though I’ve completed it), so why not?

This ride would be less epic than Tuesday’s jaunt to deepest SW. I was going to stay local. Living in Portland means there are plenty of options, so where? How about a place I haven’t been to in awhile, but less than two miles away! I chose The Arbor Lodge at…

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Three Speed October: It’s do or die time

IMG_20171017_190758-01.jpegOkay folks, it is Saturday, October 21st. Have you thought about participating in Three Speed October, but have not gotten around to it yet?


In order to be able to get the full three weeks of rides in:

  • You will need to ride TODAY, Saturday October 21st. And you will need to put in TWO rides today. These two rides need to be three hours apart (meaning, Ride One ends, and Ride Two starts at least three hours later.)
  • You will need to use the “Make-Up” Day of Sunday November 5th to complete the third ride for this week. If you can’t do that day, get in touch and we’ll see if we can work it out. But the “Make-Up” Day cannot fall before November 5th, and would have to be pretty soon afterwards.
  • And you MUST complete three rides the two remaining weeks (22-28 Oct, and 29 Oct-4 Nov).

So can you do all that? Cool. Now get riding!

And the full rules are here. 

Three Speed October: Time to enter in Week Three rides

Hello folks! We are nearing the end of Week Three of the Three Speed October 2017 Challenge. Some of you may have completed your three rides already, great! So below you will find the form for Week Three, rides taking place from 15-21 October (or 20-22 October for weekend only participants.)

Here are some special notes for this form:

  • Please enter your info when you have completed your three rides, or the week ends, whichever comes first. If you need to amend your form and add more stuff, get in touch with me at
  • This form is for rides that happened during the week of October 15-21 (or October 20-22 for weekend only participants), not any other dates. Please DO NOT enter other week’s info here. If you need to enter Week One (1-7 Oct), click here. If you need to enter Week Two (8-14 Oct), click here.

A Three Speed October Week One Wrap-up!

Yes friends, the long awaited post detailing Week One of the Three Speed October 2017 Challenge! We had a good turnout for the week of Oct 1-8. Eighteen folks did a ride this week, sixteen of them did the three needed to qualify! Here’s who participated. Links to their internet reports (if available.)

Asterisk (*) next to name means did not complete the week

  1. me!
  2. 3speedSeattle
  3. Tim in Eugene/Springfield
  4. Tim in Eastern Oregon
  5. Jim in Ontario (Canada, not Oregon or California!)
  6. Kirk P  in PDX
  7. Scott aka therealfivetoedsloth in PA
  8. Spencer in the Hudson Valley. (Note: linked instagram account is private, a more public report is here.)
  9. Brian in Indiana
  10. Steve in Indiana (two people from IN?)
  11. Law/Threespeedslow in NC
  12. Andrew in MI
  13. Maria/Bicycle Kitty in PDX
  14. Emee in PDX*
  15. Neal in Mass*
  16. Bike Shed
  17. Ben in Montreal
  18. Todd B in the Couve

Have you done a ride during the first week of this challenge (Oct 1-7) but haven’t logged it? There is still time. Use the form here.