My first day of Three Speed October 2017

The first day of the challenge! How did I start it? With bike futzing, of course. There were a couple things I wanted to do to my Raleigh Superbe, both of which I felt would be relatively “quick.”

The first was to switch out kickstands. I’ve had a Greenfield rear triangle kickstand on there, which is pretty nice, but I managed to get a vintage twin legged kickstand, a Trygg from Sweden. I much prefer twin legged stands for stability. It’s a “low” kickstand, too, so it doesn’t take as much effort to use it (vs. Pletscher). And it basically keeps both wheels on the ground, which is nice.

The kickstand didn’t take nearly as long as handlebars. I’ve had the Nitto Albatross bars in the “dropped” position since I built up the bike a year and a half before. I did it because I wanted to somehow meld the “best of both worlds”, the utilitariness of my Raleigh Wayfarer with the sportiness of my Rudge Sports. But y’know? This bike deserves upright bars. So I went through the process of taking everything off, cleaning the bars, and flipping them back to the standard upright position. In the process of doing that I managed to strip the threading on the brake lever (luckily I had a spare) and break a tool. Alas.

It was late in the afternoon when I got it all done. It was still nice, about 60F/16C and the threatened rain never materialized. Time for a bike ride!

I decided to head down to the Columbia Slough since it was close by and easy. I headed west along the levee path until I got towards St Johns, then detoured into the neighborhood. Dinner and beer greeted me at the food carts on N Lombard. It was nice sitting outside as I know there won’t be many more of these “it’s nice to just sit outside” kind of days this year, but it did get cold as the sun set. I headed down the road for another celebratory beer indoors, then rode home using my Dynohub powered light to show the way.

The ride was about 11 3/4 miles total. One down, eight more to go!