Discoveries: Ride Internal Blog, plus Raleigh Clubmans!

Hello, friends of Three Speeds! It always excites me when I find a new (to me) blog or website about three speeds and the like, since there are so few. So, here’s one that I just recently discovered on tumblr: Ride Internal. The tag line is, “a┬ácelebration of Sturmey-Archer internally geared hubs & other bits.” They’ve been curating a fine tumblr stream of that! So check it out if you need some lovely eye candy.

Also, I recently discovered a great blog post from On The Drops detailing the history of the Raleigh Clubman 1946-51. It’s worth a look-see, if you are interested in vintage British lightweight cycles. Hell, check it out even if you ain’t!


The second day of #threespeedoct2017

Monday October 2nd, 2017. The day started out auspiciously enough. Steve M came over mid-morning. We had breakfast, and then did some work on another three speed project. After he left, I was about to leave the house at 4 PM, when a lone thundercloud ominously planted itself above the Holland Haus and dumped rain and hail for a good fifteen minutes. This, despite the forecast calling for a “slight” chance of showers! ­čśë

When the rain had dissipated, I left the house. Where to? Well, since I had no reason to go into SE Portland (I’m not working!) I headed west into North Portland. The air was cool and damp now.┬á I first hit up the Lucky Lab where I had a pint or two and wrote a bunch of postcards to people. (Maybe you got one?)

Then further west to Rivendell Ridge, aka the “Dog Bowl”, where N Willamette Blvd does a big horseshoe along the bluffs. It was just past sunset, but I caught the afterglow over the West Hills.

Nourishment was in order. I rode down N Rosa Parks Blvd to my fave tacqueria in these parts (Azteca) for a wet burrito. I needed to stop by New Seasons briefly too. And since I was in the area, I cut through Peninsula Park, one of my favorite Portland places. The fountain in the middle of the sunken rose garden (the city’s first!) was still going strong, but it’s a matter of weeks until they shut it off for the season. Soak it in while I can!

It was a 6.8 mile ride. I’m really digging the current setup of my beloved Raleigh Superbe. And this night riding in October is also grand. It doesn’t hurt that I have a Dynohub and a good headlight!