Three Speed October 2017: You can start inputting your rides for Week One

Hello folks! I’ve created a form where you can input your rides for this week of the Three Speed October challenge! Please don’t start using this form until you’ve done all three rides, or the week ends (whichever comes first.) The form is here. 

You can also fill it out below, but please remember that you have to first register for the challenge.

And please note: While you can blog this event or post to social medias, you still need to fill out these weekly forms. If you are blogging, etc, you can note it in the form. And remember to use the tag #threespeedoct2017 on the things you post!

Issues? Please let me know.


Three Speed October, Day 3

#threespeedoct2017 Week 1, Day 3: Tuesday October 3

This week is looking beautiful in these parts: sunny, with highs in the high 60’s to low 70’s. Nice for October. And while I ride in most kinds of weather, there is something about riding on a nice sunny day, especially when you know that winter is coming.

I had to work the PM shift at the hostel, which starts at 3. I spent the morning at home working on stuff. I hit the high road around 1:30 PM and hopped on the Raleigh Superbe. I opted to take the “longer route” which takes N Vancouver Ave south to the waterfront, where I hook up with the Eastbank Esplanade and then work my way through inner SE.

N Vancouver is definitely expedient with its nice bike lane, and consistent downhill from the summit of N Alberta St. But it’s not the most scenic ride, and the lights are poorly timed for bikes (I seem to hit every red light.) The scenicness starts when I get to the Steel Bridge, where I can take the Eastbank Esplanade along the Willamette River for about a mile and a half. It’s a popular place to bike, run, walk, and there was definitely a bunch of people using it. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a nice backdrop!

From there, I headed east through Southeast Industrial, stopping by the P O Box for mail, and the market for food. I managed to get to work right on time.

The commute in was 7.4 miles, not too shabby! (Please note: my commute from work tonight is very short, so I’m not counting it as part of the total ride.)