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Three Speed October 2017: You can start inputting your rides for Week One

Hello folks! I’ve created a form where you can input your rides for this week of the Three Speed October challenge! Please don’t start using this form until you’ve done all three rides, or the week ends (whichever comes first.) The form is here. 

You can also fill it out below, but please remember that you have to first register for the challenge.

And please note: While you can blog this event or post to social medias, you still need to fill out these weekly forms. If you are blogging, etc, you can note it in the form. And remember to use the tag #threespeedoct2017 on the things you post!

Issues? Please let me know.


6 thoughts on “Three Speed October 2017: You can start inputting your rides for Week One

  1. Ah blast. I thought a week was Monday to Sunday. You know, the start of the week to the end of the weekend. So as I only noticed at 1am Sunday, there fails “week” one. Maybe I’ll use the make up day on it.

  2. Do you want the form filled out at the end of each week or are we able to fill out all three forms at the end? (This is going to be my first week, so either way)

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