Submit Week One rides NOW, and Week Two form is live!

Hello folks! We’re entering the second week of the Three Speed October 2017 Challenge. At the time of writing, we have two dozen folks who have signed up for the challenge, woot! And so far, 14 folks have submitted their Week One reports, cool!

If you want to get in on the official Week One Report, please submit your ride reports via the form (click link) by 11:59 PM Pacific Time today, Tuesday October 10th. Anyone who submits their deets by then will get in on the report, which will be published Thursday or Friday. You can still submit info for Week One up until the conclusion of the Challenge, so don’t sweat it that you don’t have everything in order right now, or don’t have the time to fill it out.

And I’ve made the form for Week Two live! You can click the link for the form here, or it should appear below.

While I have you fine folks on the phone, a couple items of note:

  • Since there’s been some confusion, the “week” is Sunday through Saturday, as it would appear on most North American calendars. (We also have the “weekend only option” which falls Friday-Sunday. This Week Two Weekend Only will be Oct 13-15.)
  • And what do folks think of the form? Is it okay to use or too complicated? I tried to make it so that it would get all of the needed details and not take too long (under five minutes). I have received one complaint about it. Has this form turned off anyone from doing the challenge? Please leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Submit Week One rides NOW, and Week Two form is live!

  1. MJ Ray says:

    I don’t seem to have any confirmation email and can’t remember what address I registered with. Do I need to use the same address on all forms, or is my name OK?

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