#threespeedoct2017 Week 2, Ride 2: Mon 9 Oct

Fun fact about me: I don’t like going to SE on my days off.

Now, don’t read that as I don’t like going to SE. I do still like the southeasternmost “quadrant” of the Rose City. No, it’s because I live in NE, and work in SE. So five days a week I am required to head south of Burnside. So on my two free days, I like to stick to the north side if I can.

So it takes something special to make me head to SE on a day off, like a friend’s birthday. PJ was having dinner with friends at Harlow on SE Hawthorne, then people would play pool and then see the new Blade Runner movie at the Bagdad. I was only going to stick around for the first two, since the movie was at 11 PM. Don’t know if I can sit through a three hour movie that late!

Dinner was at 7 PM. I stuck around the house that day, doing “needful things”. I departed at 6. It was a nice day, sunny and in the 60’s F, but it was already getting dark. I forget how early it gets dark this time of year.

008d03e0d270fef8f4dedf403731701d-bicycle-printThankfully I have dynamo lighting on my bike. And not just any dynamo lighting, I have a true Sturmey-Archer built Dynohub! While the one on my Raleigh Superbe was built in 1968 (the same year as the bike), the technology of the Dynohub goes back to the late ’30s, and remained mostly unchanged to the end of production in the 80’s. And y’know what? It still works! While the Dynohub is underpowered compared to a modern dynohub (1.8W vs the modern 3.0W standard), with a modern LED headlamp, it doesn’t make much of a difference. The only noticeable drawback is that it takes a couple seconds for the light to turn on from a cold stop. But turn on it does, and illuminates my path.

The ride to Hawthorne was about 7 miles. I had a very nice dinner and hung out in the presence of nice folks. And since it was late when all was done, I “cheated” and took the bus home. Hooray for bus bike racks!


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