Coffee Outside, 13 Oct 2017 (and Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017, Ride 1!)

It’s the start of the annual Coffeeneuring Challenge! And for Ride 1, I rode my three speed! You three speed lovers should also participate if you can. Full details of the challenge:

Urban Adventure League

Welcome to my participation in the annual Coffeeneuring Challenge! This will be my fifth year in doing it. Thank you Mary for putting this together! And what better way to start it off with a bit of Coffee Outside action?

I sure do like our local weekly coffee outside club, #pdxcoffeeoutside But I don’t go as often as I should. It has to do with time and logistics: Come Friday morning at 7 AM, I could be either in North Tabor or Woodlawn, and I may have to work at 8 or not. And #pdxcoffeeoutside has a rotating set of locations that is announced on Thursday. This week, I had Friday morning off and was staying at home in Woodlawn as Emee was out of town. And conveniently enough, they were doing it at Overlook Park, three miles from my house! Score! (Well, I did suggest that location. 😉  )

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