Hello friends of Three Speeds! It is Sunday, October 15, the beginning of the third week of the Three Speed October challenge. Hope everyone is excited! Here are some important news and notes:

This the last week that you can START the Three Speed October challenge. (Also, the first week you can finish!) With a total of five calendar weeks for the challenge, we are smack dab in the middle. People can wrap up their challenge this week, as early as Monday (if they get in two rides on one of the days.) But more importantly, this is the LAST WEEK you can START the challenge and get in three weeks worth of rides. So it’s not too late, but you must act now! You’ve got seven days this week, all you need are three rides. (And of course, you’ll have to complete the remaining two weeks.

And yes, you can do a bike overnight! I haven’t really addressed this since no one has asked, but you can TOTALLY apply a bike camping trip via three speed towards the Challenge! Or, you can do another indoor-based overnight trip. Here’s how it works:

  • These trips must be self-supported, meaning carrying all the things you’ll need to/from the destination. Of course, you can use the things that are at the destino, like food. You just can’t have someone “drop off” stuff in advance for you. Camping? Lash that tent to your rack!
  • Each segment of the ride counts as an individual ride (as long as they’re 3 or more miles). But each segment must be on a different day, since it’s an overnight trip.
  • You must sleep at the destination.
  • You must spend a minimum of six hours at the destination. I mean, you are going to sleep there, right? Okay, if this seems onerous, and you can somehow live off of two hours of sleep or something, let me know.

Confused about things? Get in touch! I’m here and I’ll answer your questions. I tried to make things as clear as possible, but if you need some more info, let me know.

Yes, I am late with the Week One report, sorry. I know I promised something around Thursday, but my work week has been long, I’ve been busy, and as I’m typing this on Saturday night, I’m exhausted and don’t really want to wrap my head around numbers and the like.

And you can enter your Week Two rides via the form below.


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