After three days of solid dry weather, we’re back into a wetter week. It didn’t rain on the way to work, but it definitely looked like it could for most of the day. While the high on Monday touched the high end of the 60’s F, the high today barely hit the high end of the 50’s. Yep, fall. And it feels more like fall each day, with the lessening amount of daylight and the leaves falling from trees.

The ride to work was uneventful, a well worn groove of a route I’ve done from my house in NE to SE Hawthorne Blvd. On the way home I stopped for coffee at Five Points Coffee Roasters, as I needed some beans and like to support my ex-roommate (he owns it.) After a stop at my post office, I got dinner. By this time, it was dark, so I took a leisurely ride home via the Tilikum Trail and Eastbank Esplanade, stopping to take photos of the bridges and the trains.

And there you have it. This fourteen mile ride on my Raleigh Superbe marks the end of my Three Speed October 2017 Challenge. I finished, woo hoo! And yes, I will still be riding my three speed through the duration of the challenge, but I will be riding some of my other bikes too. As it is, I’ve ridden the Raleigh for 10 days straight! Gotta give some of my other bikes some love…


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