A Three Speed October Week One Wrap-up!

Yes friends, the long awaited post detailing Week One of the Three Speed October 2017 Challenge! We had a good turnout for the week of Oct 1-8. Eighteen folks did a ride this week, sixteen of them did the three needed to qualify! Here’s who participated. Links to their internet reports (if available.)

Asterisk (*) next to name means did not complete the week

  1. me!
  2. 3speedSeattle
  3. Tim in Eugene/Springfield
  4. Tim in Eastern Oregon
  5. Jim in Ontario (Canada, not Oregon or California!)
  6. Kirk PĀ  in PDX
  7. Scott aka therealfivetoedsloth in PA
  8. Spencer in the Hudson Valley. (Note: linked instagram account is private, a more public report is here.)
  9. Brian in Indiana
  10. Steve in Indiana (two people from IN?)
  11. Law/Threespeedslow in NC
  12. Andrew in MI
  13. Maria/Bicycle Kitty in PDX
  14. Emee in PDX*
  15. Neal in Mass*
  16. Bike Shed
  17. Ben in Montreal
  18. Todd B in the Couve

Have you done a ride during the first week of this challenge (Oct 1-7) but haven’t logged it? There is still time. Use the form here.


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