Yes friends, the long awaited post detailing Week One of the Three Speed October 2017 Challenge! We had a good turnout for the week of Oct 1-8. Eighteen folks did a ride this week, sixteen of them did the three needed to qualify! Here’s who participated. Links to their internet reports (if available.)

Asterisk (*) next to name means did not complete the week

  1. me!
  2. 3speedSeattle
  3. Tim in Eugene/Springfield
  4. Tim in Eastern Oregon
  5. Jim in Ontario (Canada, not Oregon or California!)
  6. Kirk P  in PDX
  7. Scott aka therealfivetoedsloth in PA
  8. Spencer in the Hudson Valley. (Note: linked instagram account is private, a more public report is here.)
  9. Brian in Indiana
  10. Steve in Indiana (two people from IN?)
  11. Law/Threespeedslow in NC
  12. Andrew in MI
  13. Maria/Bicycle Kitty in PDX
  14. Emee in PDX*
  15. Neal in Mass*
  16. Bike Shed
  17. Ben in Montreal
  18. Todd B in the Couve

Have you done a ride during the first week of this challenge (Oct 1-7) but haven’t logged it? There is still time. Use the form here.


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