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Three Speed October: It’s do or die time

IMG_20171017_190758-01.jpegOkay folks, it is Saturday, October 21st. Have you thought about participating in Three Speed October, but have not gotten around to it yet?


In order to be able to get the full three weeks of rides in:

  • You will need to ride TODAY, Saturday October 21st. And you will need to put in TWO rides today. These two rides need to be three hours apart (meaning, Ride One ends, and Ride Two starts at least three hours later.)
  • You will need to use the “Make-Up” Day of Sunday November 5th to complete the third ride for this week. If you can’t do that day, get in touch and we’ll see if we can work it out. But the “Make-Up” Day cannot fall before November 5th, and would have to be pretty soon afterwards.
  • And you MUST complete three rides the two remaining weeks (22-28 Oct, and 29 Oct-4 Nov).

So can you do all that? Cool. Now get riding!

And the full rules are here. 

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