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Three Speed October: Time to enter in Week Three rides

Hello folks! We are nearing the end of Week Three of the Three Speed October 2017 Challenge. Some of you may have completed your three rides already, great! So below you will find the form for Week Three, rides taking place from 15-21 October (or 20-22 October for weekend only participants.)

Here are some special notes for this form:

  • Please enter your info when you have completed your three rides, or the week ends, whichever comes first. If you need to amend your form and add more stuff, get in touch with me at
  • This form is for rides that happened during the week of October 15-21 (or October 20-22 for weekend only participants), not any other dates. Please DO NOT enter other week’s info here. If you need to enter Week One (1-7 Oct), click here. If you need to enter Week Two (8-14 Oct), click here.

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