Coffeeneuring 2017, Ride 4: A coffee shop quickie, Wed 26 Oct

Another three speed coffeeneuring adventure!

Urban Adventure League

Back to back Coffeeneuring Rides, who would have thought? Well, technically it’s legal according to the rules Mary laid out, and you can do two rides in a week, so why not? I had the hope of pulling down the Schwinn Heavy Duti for this ride, since it would mean a different bike for each ride. But my lock appears to be jammed on it (wheel is locked), so no go there…yet. I hadn’t ridden the Raleigh Superbe this week, and we’re still in the bounds of the Three Speed October Challenge (though I’ve completed it), so why not?

This ride would be less epic than Tuesday’s jaunt to deepest SW. I was going to stay local. Living in Portland means there are plenty of options, so where? How about a place I haven’t been to in awhile, but less than two miles away! I chose The Arbor Lodge at…

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