Three Speed October 2017: The final stretch

Yes, friends, I have been bad at keeping up at all this the past couple weeks. But the ride reports are coming in, and thank you for your participation! But yes, this is the last weekend of the event. Your regular rides need to be wrapped up by 11:59 your time on Saturday November 4.

Sunday November 5 is the “Make-Up Day”. You can do a maximum of ONE ride to make up for ONE week that you only got two rides in. If you have one week of just two rides and can’t do the make up day on Sunday, get in touch and we’ll see if we can work something out. But you can’t make up more than one week, so keep that in mind.

And I now have the form for the final week (Week Five) Live! You will see it below.


A bit of old and new in the Store: Unearthed posters and new postcards!

Urban Adventure League

Hello folks! I am gradually gearing up for the Bike Craft Fair which will happen December 15 through 17 here in Portland. I’m getting my stock levels back up, and creating some new stuff for it. As I create new stuff I’ll be posting it to my Store and notifying you fine folks via the blog.

So, what’s new in the Store?

  • I’ve unearthed some poster work I did about ten years ago! I’ve done the art for Pedalpalooza, Portland’s annual bike fun celebration several times over the years. I’ve got a few from the 2006 event, so I’m posting those for sale for just $5! These posters were printed locally by Stumptown Printers. They are aged, so the edges are not perfect, but they are still good overall.
  • Also, I did the art for the annual Portland-based Filmed By Bike festival for three years (2005-7).  I’ve found a couple…

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