20% off sale on store EXTENDED until Thursday January 25!

Urban Adventure League

Hey! If you somehow haven’t had a chance to get in on my 20% off sale on my store, well, you have a little more time! I have extended it until 11:45 PM Pacific Time on Thursday June 25! Please use code JAN18SALE and use the code in check out over at my store.

Here are the details:

  • Use the code JAN18SALE in the check-out to get the discount
  • Discount is only on the items, not on shipping
  • Order will need to be at least $5 before shipping for discount to work
  • The only thing not on sale is Postcard Club 2018. HOWEVER, if your NET (after discount, before shipping) order is $20 or over in the US, $25 rest of world, you get the Postcard Club for FREE! (DO NOT add Postcard Club to your order, I will do it automatically)
  • If you want your Postcard Club subscription to…

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The Robin Hood path racer project, or, yet another new-to-me bike

Urban Adventure League

So maybe you thought I could get through all of 2017 without acquiring another bike? Ha! I’ve acquired a new bike (or two) every year since 2006. While I wasn’t on the lookout for another bike, sometimes bikes find me!

Sometime in 2016, a local gent got in touch with me. Because I was a “three speed guy” he asked if I know anyone that would want some old three speeds he’s had since the 70’s? I told him I didn’t know anyone at the moment, but if he just wanted to get rid of them, I’d take them off his hands and find them good homes. So he brought over two complete bikes: One a black 23″ Robin Hood, the other a root beer brown ladies Raleigh Sports (looks to be early 70’s.) Both of them required work, to say the least. I eventually found a taker for the…

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Society Goals for 2018

Welcome to 2018, friends! Another year, another blank slate. 2018 will mark five years since Society of Three Speeds started (though I started doing Three Speed Rides in 2011.) There’s definitely some cool things I want to accomplish this year.

First up, the elephant in the room: Yes, I am very much slacking in the wrapping up of the 2017 challenges. I still need to compile the winners of the October 2017, and then get the awards for that challenge and the April one. I still need to actually create these prize packs. Have patience. I will have it done by spring.

Same thing goes for new Society of Three Speeds memberships. It’s been a couple years since I ran out of Version 1.0 of the membership pack. I still need to create the spiffy new membership packs! Like the challenge prizes, expect to see something in spring.

Challenges: Despite me slacking on the finishing, I still do like doing them! So expect to see both Three Speed Adventure April and Three Speed October again in 2018. No major changes planned, just a few tweaks here and there.

Rides: Of course, it wouldn’t be a Society without some rides and events! Yes, there will be stuff, but I plan on changing it up a little:

  • In later winter, I hope to have an informal get-together around bikes and beers. Maybe late February.
  • I’ll put on my first Three Speed Ride in April, to coincide with that month’s challenge. It will probably be later in the month.
  • I plan on doing something for Pedalpalooza, but as numbers/participation have dwindled, I’m most likely not going to do a weekend day ride. Instead, I’m going to aim for a weeknight short (5-10 miles) ride, with maybe a picnic incorporated.
  • This frees me up for doing a Day Ride sometime during the summer. Expect something a bit longer than usual, maybe in the 25-30 mile range, and possibly outside of the city!
  • And then to finish off the year, a ride in October to coincide with that month’s challenge.
  • Camping? Maybe. I might poll people to see if there’s interest, and when.

Okay, so looking forward to a full year of three speed fun! Stay tuned here and to my social medias for updates when events become finalized. In the meantime, keep on riding your three speeds!