Society Goals for 2018

Welcome to 2018, friends! Another year, another blank slate. 2018 will mark five years since Society of Three Speeds started (though I started doing Three Speed Rides in 2011.) There’s definitely some cool things I want to accomplish this year.

First up, the elephant in the room: Yes, I am very much slacking in the wrapping up of the 2017 challenges. I still need to compile the winners of the October 2017, and then get the awards for that challenge and the April one. I still need to actually create these prize packs. Have patience. I will have it done by spring.

Same thing goes for new Society of Three Speeds memberships. It’s been a couple years since I ran out of Version 1.0 of the membership pack. I still need to create the spiffy new membership packs! Like the challenge prizes, expect to see something in spring.

Challenges: Despite me slacking on the finishing, I still do like doing them! So expect to see both Three Speed Adventure April and Three Speed October again in 2018. No major changes planned, just a few tweaks here and there.

Rides: Of course, it wouldn’t be a Society without some rides and events! Yes, there will be stuff, but I plan on changing it up a little:

  • In later winter, I hope to have an informal get-together around bikes and beers. Maybe late February.
  • I’ll put on my first Three Speed Ride in April, to coincide with that month’s challenge. It will probably be later in the month.
  • I plan on doing something for Pedalpalooza, but as numbers/participation have dwindled, I’m most likely not going to do a weekend day ride. Instead, I’m going to aim for a weeknight short (5-10 miles) ride, with maybe a picnic incorporated.
  • This frees me up for doing a Day Ride sometime during the summer. Expect something a bit longer than usual, maybe in the 25-30 mile range, and possibly outside of the city!
  • And then to finish off the year, a ride in October to coincide with that month’s challenge.
  • Camping? Maybe. I might poll people to see if there’s interest, and when.

Okay, so looking forward to a full year of three speed fun! Stay tuned here and to my social medias for updates when events become finalized. In the meantime, keep on riding your three speeds!