Unpaved/rough stuff. It’s sub-challenge number three!

April is barely a month away! And that means…Three Speed Adventure April! The challenge that took the three speed world by storm last year is back!

And what is this challenge again? It consists of five sub-challenges to prove that three speeds are capable bikes:

  1. Ride your three speed at least fifteen miles (25 km) in one ride.
  2. A climb of 5% or more grade, with a cumulative elevation gain of at least 100 feet (30 m).
  3. A bit of unpaved/dirt action, of at least a cumulative one half mile (1 km).
  4. Coffee outside via three speed.
  5. A bike overnight or bike camping trip by three speed.

Simple? Well, not so. There is a whole bunch of nitty gritty. You can find the full details here. And I encourage you to check them out.

What’s changing in 2018? Essentially nothing. I think the rules laid out last year were sound. There’s always going to be some grumbles, but remember, it’s a “Challenge”. They ain’t always easy. 😉

But I am a benevolent dictator, and I do welcome your feedback. Any issues with the rules that prevented or limited your participation last year? Any issues that may prevent you from participating in 2018? (And please remember: You can participate in this challenge ANYWHERE ON EARTH, so there is no geographical restriction or location cop-out. No need to ask me silly questions like “I’m in Upper Volta. Can I participate?” unless you want me to respond, “It’s been called Burkina Faso since 1984!”) Or, do you have suggestions on how to make Three Speed Adventure April 2018 even better?

Well, let me know!

But there’s a caveat. There’s a Challenge to Challenge the Challenge. You can only get in touch with me via two means:

  1. Write me via post. Yes, a letter or postcard, something you put a stamp on. (Meaning, not free!) And please remember to include contact info, like your postal address. Sure, you can leave your email, but wouldn’t you rather get a cool postcard back? All correspondence needs to reach me no later than Tuesday March 20, 2018 for me to consider changes to the 2018 challenge.
  2. Talk to me during the Three Speed Get-Together here in Portland on Sunday February 25. Remember: I take bribes in beer.

However you choose to contact me, please be specific and constructive. Just saying “It’s too hard” isn’t helpful. Why was it hard? And please, if you didn’t participate in 2017, please send comments/feedback if you intend or are interested in doing it in 2018. (Or 2019, or 2020.)

But remember this: Comments via email, the comment section here, or other electronic means will NOT be counted. If you want me to change something about this challenge, you gotta put in a little bit more effort than that.

Okay! So if you want to write me, here’s the address:


P O BOX 14185

PORTLAND OR 97293-0185

And just to be clear: This has nothing to do with registering for this year’s Challenge. No need to register for Three Speed Adventure April right now. No need to even say that you are. I’ll have full registration info online by the end of March.


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