Three Speed Camping, June 2-3, registration now LIVE!

Okay! It is official, Three Speed Camping to Stub Stewart State Park on the weekend (Sat-Sun) of June 2 and 3 is a go! And registration is now live. If you want to attend this trip, you will need to register via Eventbrite link below, even if you emailed me about this before. Registration is free, but expect to pay about $15 at the campground for the site and firewood.

This is a self-supported camping tour on three speeds, destination Stub Stewart State Park on the Banks-Vernonia Trail! A 22 mi one way trip (departing from MAX in Hillsboro around 11 AM on Saturday June 2nd) and one night of camping.

We’ll leave Saturday morning from downtown Hillsboro. The first 12 miles of the ride are mostly on rural country roads. In Banks we’ll have a supply stop at the Thriftway, where you can also get lunch. We may stop at the brewpub in town to/from. The last 10 miles are on the Banks-Vernonia Trail, a rail-trai! We’ll camp in the Brooke Creek Hike-In Camp in the park.

We return home on Sunday.

Ride limited to 8 participants.

The fine print:

  • Only 3 through 5 speed hub geared bicycles allowed! Sorry, no exceptions, unless it’s a Brompton with a disabled derailleur.
  • You must carry all the gear on your own bike. There will be no “sag” wagon or vehicle support. Nor can you cheat by asking your friends, family, spouse, significant other, etc.
  • The group departure will be on Saturday morning. If you can’t make it then, you’ll be riding solo. However, we may ride back as a group on Sunday.

Are you interested? Register via the button below! Have more questions? Let me know!

Eventbrite - Three Speed Bike Camping at Stub Stewart, 2-3 June 2018


Three Speed Adventure April: The final stretch!

Yes! We basically only have two days left to #threespeedadvapr2018 All challenges need to be completed by 11:59 PM your local time on Monday April 30. Can’t do all the challenges? That’s perfectly fine! Just do what you can. And please fill out the form if you do!

REMINDER: Three Speed Ride is TOMORROW, Sunday April 22!

Yes! Tomorrow, Sunday April 21st is the spring #threespeedride Meet at 1:30 PM at Rivelo, 401 SE Caruthers St. We depart at 2. Bring a hub geared bike of three, four, or five speeds. Ride ends at mystery destination and not a loop, but there will be transit options.Four of the five #threespeedadvapr2018 challenges will be met on the ride:

  1. A ride of 15 miles
  2. Climb of 5% or more grade for 100 feet of climbing
  3. Rough stuff/Gravel
  4. Coffee Outside (bring your own gear) which will happen nearer the end

A few notes:

  • It’s going to be 60F and sunny!
  • We will have a refreshment supply stop at the end
  • Coffee/tea at end, bring snacks and maybe a picnic blanket
  • There will be a few muddy spots!

See you tomorrow!😀


Three Speed Campout, 28-29 April

IMG_20171016_125815-01.jpegHey folks! The Three Speed Adventure April Challenge is STILL going on! One of the challenges is a Bike Overnight. And Maria, aka, Bike Kitty is going to organize a Three Speed Campout! 

She’ll be heading out to Oxbow Regional Park on Saturday April 28. That’s about ten miles from the east end of the MAX line. Here are her details, reprinted from her blog:

Do you like riding bikes?  How about bikes with less than a jillion speeds?

I’m organizing a group camping trip to Oxbow Park the weekend of April 28-29 and invite you to come along.  This will be a Society of Three Speeds ride, so it’d be grand if you can ride a 3 speed bicycle.

However, I want to have a nice sized group of fun-lovin bike campers, so bring whatever bike you have!  We’ll meet at Cafe Delerium in Gresham at 2pm on Saturday, April 28th, then ride about 8 miles to the park. The cafe is a mere hop, skip and jump from the end of the line Cleveland MAX stop in Gresham.

Are you interested?  Please drop me a note to

If there’s no interest, we won’t go!


PLEASE NOTE: Maria is the sole organizer of this campout, and I will not be able to go. So if you have questions about it, PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT HERE or ask me questions. Please get in touch with Maria via her email address above.

And if you cannot make this trip, do not fear! We have one scheduled for Stub Stewart on June 2-3. I should have registration up by the end of the month. If you are interested, please get in touch!

Heading to Pepin again!

Urban Adventure League

I’ve made hints at various points, and in various places over the past few months. But I didn’t want to make an “official” post until everything was, well, official. But now I can announce it: I am heading out to Minnesota in May to participate in the annual Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour!

I’ve been thrice before: 2014, 2015, and 2016. I took last year off. Much of the mechanics of the trip will remain the same since I’ve been going,  like a train trip to and from St. Paul via Amtrak’s Empire Builder, three days in Minneapolis, and a visit to Red Wing Boots so I can pose next to the World’s Largest Boot.

But there are a couple things that are different this year:

  1. Emee is coming along! Yay! This is the first time I’ll be travelling with someone else. It’s so much better when it’s with your…

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Three Speed Adventure April 2018: The report, so far.

Hello friends of Three Speeds! We’re almost smack-dab in the middle of Three Speed Adventure April, so time for a quick status report. What’s going on?

Well, not much, at least yet.

So far, fifteen folks have officially registered. But no one has completed ANY of the Challenge reports. So there ain’t much going down as far as I know.

There have been some murmurs, though. Velocipedium (on Instagram and Wordpres) has shared some images of a few rides, but I don’t know what the stats are. Our friend Tarik Saleh (of the Bike Club fame) has obtained a Schwinn Traveler three speed that he is fixing up to do the challenge. And I heard rumors that Maria aka Bicycle Kitty is doing a Three Speed Camping Trip to Oxbow Regional Park on Saturday April 28th.

And…that’s it.

So, if you’ve been doing the Challenge, let me know! Please remember that you need to register for it (see form below) and when you register, you’ll get the Challenges Form emailed to you. Have you registered and somehow HAVE NOT received said form? Please let me know!