IMG_20171015_163517-01.jpegHello folks! The Society of Three Speeds has hosted two camp-outs before, but we took 2017 off. The previous camping trips have gone to Ainsworth State Park. We’re planning on another campout for the first weekend of June, which not only falls in Pedalpalooza, but is part of Adventure Cycling Association’s annual Bike Travel Weekend!

Originally I was planning to go back to Ainsworth. The campground will be open on June 2 and 3, but the Historic Columbia River Highway may be not. It’s been closed since the Eagle Creek Fire last September, and there is no definitive plans for a reopening date. It could be open, it could be closed. If it’s closed, not only would we miss attractions like Multnomah Falls,* Horsetail Falls, and Oneonta Gorge, but…we would have to ride on the shoulder of Interstate 84. And that would not be fun.

So, we have come up with a Plan B, which is head out to Stub Stewart State Park west of the city. This would be about a 22 mile ride from the west end of the MAX light rail line in Hillsboro. The first half would be on rolling and quiet country roads, the second half on a paved rail trail! In between is the town of Banks, where we can supply up, as they have a grocery store, liquor store, restaurants, and even a brew pub! At Stub Stewart we’d camp in the Brooke Creek hike-in loop, a shady and secluded spot.

We’re going ahead and booking sites NOW, as they aren’t going to last! They do leave a few available as first come, first served, but we’re not leaving this camping trip to chance!

Are you interested in camping with us on Saturday June 2, 2018? If so, let me know. You can comment here or email PLEASE NOTE: Saying that you are interested now IS NOT registration. I will have an Eventbrite page created for that when we get that far. And yes, this ride is only open to bikes equipped with internally geared hubs of 3, 4, or 5 speeds--no derailleurs (unless it’s on a Brompton, and it has to be disabled), single speeds, or IGH hubs larger than 5 or smaller than 3.

More details will be forthcoming. I’m thinking that we’ll have a group start on Saturday June 2 from Hillsboro. If you can only ride during the day and can’t/don’t want to camp, you could come along for a bit as well!

I’m also planning a separate Three Speed Ride that will be in-town on a weeknight in June for Pedalpalooza. Details soon!

*Multnomah Falls is open, but the only access is via the exit on I-84, which is a left side exit. Do you want to cross two lanes of a freeway on your bike?


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