Okay! It is official, Three Speed Camping to Stub Stewart State Park on the weekend (Sat-Sun) of June 2 and 3 is a go! And registration is now live. If you want to attend this trip, you will need to register via Eventbrite link below, even if you emailed me about this before. Registration is free, but expect to pay about $15 at the campground for the site and firewood.

This is a self-supported camping tour on three speeds, destination Stub Stewart State Park on the Banks-Vernonia Trail! A 22 mi one way trip (departing from MAX in Hillsboro around 11 AM on Saturday June 2nd) and one night of camping.

We’ll leave Saturday morning from downtown Hillsboro. The first 12 miles of the ride are mostly on rural country roads. In Banks we’ll have a supply stop at the Thriftway, where you can also get lunch. We may stop at the brewpub in town to/from. The last 10 miles are on the Banks-Vernonia Trail, a rail-trai! We’ll camp in the Brooke Creek Hike-In Camp in the park.

We return home on Sunday.

Ride limited to 8 participants.

The fine print:

  • Only 3 through 5 speed hub geared bicycles allowed! Sorry, no exceptions, unless it’s a Brompton with a disabled derailleur.
  • You must carry all the gear on your own bike. There will be no “sag” wagon or vehicle support. Nor can you cheat by asking your friends, family, spouse, significant other, etc.
  • The group departure will be on Saturday morning. If you can’t make it then, you’ll be riding solo. However, we may ride back as a group on Sunday.

Are you interested? Register via the button below! Have more questions? Let me know!

Eventbrite - Three Speed Bike Camping at Stub Stewart, 2-3 June 2018


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