Three Speed Bike Camping June 2-3: Spots STILL available!

2018-04-05_06-38-50-01.jpegHey folks! It’s just two weeks until the big Three Speed Bike Camping Trip to Stub Stewart State Park. We’ll be doing this the weekend of June 2 and 3. There are currently six available openings. So if you want to go, you still have a shot!

This is a self-supported camping tour on three speeds, destination Stub Stewart State Park on the Banks-Vernonia Trail! A 22 mi one way trip (departing from MAX in Hillsboro around 11 AM on Saturday June 2nd) and one night of camping.

We’ll leave Saturday morning from downtown Hillsboro. The first 12 miles of the ride are mostly on rural country roads. In Banks we’ll have a supply stop at the Thriftway, where you can also get lunch. We may stop at the brewpub in town to/from. The last 10 miles are on the Banks-Vernonia Trail, a rail-trai! We’ll camp in the Brooke Creek Hike-In Camp in the park. We return home on Sunday.

I’m expecting the total cost per person to be about $15 (which would include firewood.) You do need to register for this trip, and registration is FREE. Please register via Eventbrite link below. Having difficulty with the link? Email me at

Eventbrite - Three Speed Bike Camping at Stub Stewart, 2-3 June 2018


Three Speed Adventure April Challenge: Reporting Deadline Extended to May 25


Hello folks!  Eighteen folks “signed up” for the Three Speed Adventure April Challenge. Technically the deadline to report the rides was Friday May 18th. But so far, only seven of the eighteen have reported these rides. So I’m giving y’all a little more time!

If you have participated in the Three Speed Adventure Challenge, you have until the end of day (your local time) on Friday May 25th to fill out the report. It doesn’t matter if you only did one challenge, all five, or something in between, please fill out the form. It’s great that you blogged or Instagrammed your adventures, but please remember you need to fill out the form by deadline to qualify in the results and be eligible for the prizes!

If you have registered, you should have gotten the form emailed to you. If you did register via the Google Form shown below and for some reason HAVE NOT gotten the form, email me at

If you have done the challenge and have not registered, please register via form below. If you are having difficulties, please email me.

Okay, let’s see your reports!


An early May report: Wrapping up Adventure April, planning for June fun, and getting ready for Pepin.

Hello friends of Three Speeds! It’s literally hours before Emee and myself hop on Amtrak’s Empire Builder and head east to St. Paul for the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. Fun! There’s a few items of housekeeping I want to get out of the way before I go:

  • Three Speed Adventure April: Thank you everyone who has participated. I’m seeing the reports roll in. If you have completed any of the challenges, there is still time to file reports! You need to first a) register then b) you’ll get a Report Google Form emailed to you. If for some reason you haven’t received it, please get in touch! You’ve got until Friday May 18 to get it filed. Full details here.
  • And yes, I am still working on prize packs. I know, a broken record I am. (skip…skip…skip…) I was hoping to have time the last few weeks, but getting this Pepin trip plus Pedalpalooza biz sorted was first priority. I will be working on it when I return home mid-month.
  • Speaking of Pedalpalooza, there is still PLENTY of room for our Three Speed Campout on June 2-3! We are heading to Stub Stewart State Park. Expect $10-15 in costs. You will need to register for this trip, you can do that here. Limit eight folks on the trip.
  • And a new Pedalpalooza first: I will be having a mid-week after-work Three Speed Ride! The Sunday rides have seen diminished participation over the years, so I’m trying something different. This ride will happen on Wednesday June 27th. We meet at 6 PM at the Paul Bunyan statue across from the Kenton/N Denver MAX station (Yellow Line). We depart at 6:30 PM on a 10 mile ramble. This is the one “open class” three speed ride for 2018, meaning ALL bikes are welcome, not just three speeds. Ride not a loop, but will end near food/drink/transit. And since this is an evening ride, it’s always wise to bring lights and layers!
  • And now, the burning question you may be asking yourself: What bike is Shawn bringing to Lake Pepin? Well, it’ll be the Robin Hood path racer project! I’ve already brought the Superbe, so I need to bring something different. 😉 I just got it back from Velo Cult as I had the rear wheel rebuilt with an aluminum (Sun CR18) rim. A few other minor tweaks happened, including new tires. Yes, I went fancy and got a set of Grand Bois (Grand Bois!) tires in the 26″ x 1 3/8″ (650A or 590 mm) size. These tires are nice and supple, and not cheap nor easy to get. Yes, an indulgence. Let’s see if they are worth it. They are narrower than most tires in this size (more like 32 mm wide vs the standard 35) which I’m not excited about…

Alright, hopefully I’ll see a few of you out in Minnesota or Wisconsin this week!

Weekend Report: A little bit o’ everything, both good and bad.

A bit of my Three Speed Adventure April action, finally documented!

Urban Adventure League

Hey folks! Yeah, life has been busy so I haven’t posted to here as much as I should. As always, the best day-to-day record of my life can be found on my instagram. With that out of the way, let me talk a bit about my past weekend, from Thursday April 26 through Sunday April 29…

  • Thursday April 26: Emee had the great idea of getting a hotel room downtown for the night to complete Challenge 5 of Three Speed Adventure April, the Bike Overnight.* We had done Challenges 1-4 on Sunday’s Three Speed Ride (report on that very soon), and Emee had a conference in the very same hotel that weekend! Convenience! It was fun wheelin’ the Raleighs into the first floor room at the University Place Hotel. Adventure April complete!
  • Friday April 27: Conveniently enough, the morning’s Coffee Outside (aka #pdxcoffeeoutside) was at Poet’s Beach, the public…

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Three Speed Ride report: 22 April 2018

Yeah, a week late, but better late than never!

It was a glorious Sunday for a Three Speed Ride. It was in the middle of a streak of nice weather, and the day’s temperature was 65F/18C. It would get downright HOT in a few days, so this was a nice balance. We had nine people overall show up to Rivelo for the ride, two out of them visitors from Minneapolis on rented Bromptons.

We headed south first towards Westmoreland Park, mostly on regular ol’ streets, but a couple blocks of dirt thrown in, because this is a Shawn Granton ride after all! After Westmoreland, we ascended through the tony neighborhood of Eastmoreland and hit up one of my favorite unimproved roads in down, SE 37th Ave from Bybee to Crystal Springs. Much of it is that “barely there” path that I love. Then through Errol Heights via SE Tenino Drive, almost a dry creek bed than a road!

I mellowed things out for a bit, hitting up the Springwater Corridor for a while. We did a quick stop at Cartopia (way too many cars!) and then rode further east, hitting up Lents Floodplain and the closed bridge across Johnson Creek next to Leach Botanical Garden.

And finally, saving the best for last: an ascent via Holgate Lane to Powell Butte. Holgate is a trail of about 6% grade, doable on three speeds. We paused at the plateau of the butte, got water, then continued upwards through the fields to the very top of the butte. At the Mountain Finder the few of us who remained made a little picnic. I fired up the Trangia kettle so we can have tea outside.

Since it was Adventure April, this ride, this ride hit up four of the five challenges!

  1. A ride of 15 miles (just over the line)
  2. Climb of 5% or more for 100 cumulative feet in elevation gain (yep)
  3. A half mile or more of rough stuff (way over that line!)
  4. Coffee Outside (in this case, tea)

I barely took photos on this ride, but this one I got near the top is a good one: