Three Speed Adventure April prize packs are HERE, finally!

Hey folks! I emailed a bunch of you about this, but there’s always a chance you didn’t get. And if you participated in either the 2017 or 2018 Three Speed Rides that happened in April, you qualify for Challenges 1 through 4.
After much procrastination, I have finally gotten around to getting the prize packs for both the 2017 and 2018 Adventure April challenges done! Woot! And if you have completed some of the challenges, you qualify for the prizes!
​A word about the prize pack: Basically, it’s a “merit badge” for each challenge you completed. These are one inch buttons depicting the challenge. So you get one for each challenge you completed. Alas, no patches, since the participation has been light (just 10 for this year), and I can’t justify the expense right now.
Also, the design is the same for both years. If you did Coffee Outside in both 2017 and 2018, you’ll get the same button, but twice.
So, if you would like the prizes, this is what you will need to do:
  • Paypal me at the appropriate cash for buttons plus shipping.
  • Each button is $1. You get one button for each challenge you complete for each year. If you did Distance-Coffee in 2017 and then Climb-Rough Stuff-Coffee in 2018, that’s $5 total.
  • Shipping is $4 for US, $10 for Canada, $14 for anywhere else. Please add this to the button cost.
  • Unfortunately, buttons have to go first class package, and that’s expensive. I’m not trying to make money off of this, but if I try to “sneak” it by with postage for a first class letter and it gets returned, I’d be eating the additional shipping cost. And yes, this has happened to me.
  • Either in the notes when you Paypal me, or in a separate email to this address, include your mailing address, and what buttons for what year.
  • I’m trusting you to tell me which challenges you have completed, but if you have forgotten, let me know and I’ll figure it out.
  • If you don’t have paypal, I can send an invoice via PayPal that you can pay with a credit card.
  • Oh yeah, I also can accept payment via Square Cash. Let me know if you want to do that.
  • If you don’t want to do Square Cash or PayPal, get in touch and we can figure something out. Be advised I don’t like taking personal checks.
  • If you live in Portland, we can arrange a pickup for cash so you don’t have to pay shipping. Please note that this pickup is either going to be at my work on SE Hawthorne or at my house in NE (Woodlawn), at a time that works for me. I’m not going to deliver buttons, my life is too hectic.
  • Also, if you live in Portland, I’ll have the buttons at the Three Speed Ride this Wednesday June 27, and also the Sunset/Moonrise Ride on Thursday June 28.
  • And if you just don’t want the prize packs, that’s fine.
If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for participating!

Three Speed Ride/Slough Country Ramble, Wed June 27

It’s the final week of #pedalpalooza2018 and I’ve got my two-in-one ride on Wednesday June 27! Meet me at 6 PM at the Paul Bunyan state in Kenton (N Denver/Interstate near Argyle, across from Kenton MAX Station). We depart at 6:30 for a 10 mile jaunt in the Columbia River bottomlands. Ride not a loop, will end near food/drink/transit. It’s a Three Speed Ride, but at the same time it’s NOT a Three Speed Ride, so ride anything! Now all of you folks who facetiously/incorrectly claim “ALL my rides are Three Speed Rides” don’t have a valid excuse to miss this one!😉 #pedalpalooza #threespeedride #sloughcountryramblers #societyofthreespeeds

An end of Pedalpalooza sale in my store: 20% off with code until July 8!

Urban Adventure League

IMG_20180619_144131-01-01.jpegHello friends! Pedalpalooza is entering its final stretch. And I’ve also got some new buttons in the store and a full button restock thanks to Button Arcade. So why not have a little sale?

From now until 11:45 PM PDT on Sunday July 8, 2018, everything in my store is 20% off! Yep, comix, zines, buttons, postcards, and posters. Use code PP2018 in the checkout to get the discount.

The fine print:

  • 20% discount applies to the cost of item, there are no discounts on shipping and/or Storenvy fees.
  • You’ll need to spend at least $5 on an order to qualify for the discount.
  • Discount on stock on hand, no backorders.

So head on over to my store at Storenvy to check out my stuff.

And thank you for your support!

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