Hello, friends of Three Speeds! 2019 looks to be an eventful year ’round the Society of Three Speeds. And to kick it off, how about a good ol’ Get-Together?

All within traveling distance of Portland, Oregon are invited to a meeting between 4 PM and 6: 30 PM on Saturday January 19th at Montavilla Brew Works, 7805 SE Stark St., Portland, Oregon, USA.

This event is FREE, but all beverages will be paid for by YOU. Montavilla Brew Works has no kitchen so no onsite food besides a few snacks. However, they allow outside food, and there are HEAPS of options within a couple blocks of the brewery. You will not go hungry!

After the gathering, if people are willing and the weather’s okay, we may go for a ride. So, it is best to bring your Three Speed bicycle to show off and use! (And it’ll be dark and maybe wet, bring lights and rain gear for that.)

Things that will happen at the gathering:

  • A State Of The Three Speeds Address
  • Prizes!
  • Society of Three Speeds Memberships sold at just $20 (would be $27 if purchased online)
  • Discussion of upcoming Society of Three Speeds events for 2019
  • Other random crap to be determined.

Pre-registration is required. I need to get a handle on how many of you folks will be showing up so I can reserve the appropriate amount of space. Registration is free and takes two minutes. Please register here.

And for those of you coming from out of town: Make it a Three Speed Weekend! The following day I’ll be leading my (mostly) annual Palm Tree Ride. We’ll be meeting up in the same neighborhood, at at Fillmore, 7201 NE Glisan St at 11 AM. We depart at 11:30 AM. This ride will be three speed friendly. Find more details on the ride here.


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