Three Speed Dead Letter Office

…or “Dead Blog Office”, to be more exact. (And no, this three speed blog ain’t dying.)

Since really getting into three speeds in 2010, I have spent many an hour scouring the internets for three speed content. There’s a lot of good stuff out there if you check the corners of Instagram. The #hashtags #threespeed and #sturmeyarcher are good ones to seek. And tumblr has Rideinternal, a good source of all things three speed.

But blogs? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a new three speed bike blog. Heck, most of the three speed bike blogs I’ve followed over the years have gone the way of the three speed–er, dodo.

I still come across three speed blogs that I didn’t know exist, from back in the day. I just found about the Night Heron Project blog, an account of one man’s attempt to convert a Raleigh International* into a path racer three speed. But frustratingly, this blog is only five posts long, and we never saw the finished result (if there was a finished result.)

The blog only lasted for a month in the beginning of 2012. The same writer also was partially behind the Raleigh DL-1 Fan Club blog, which went on longer than the Night Heron one, but not by much. It died off in 2013, which was the era of The Great Blog Die-Off. Now much of this three speed talk happens on Instagram or the Book of Face.

UPDATE: I got in touch with Sean of the Night Heron blog and he had this to say: “I ended up using an early 80s Dawes Atlantis frame, since the International frame turned out to be too big for me (I do still have it tho). Night Heron became, and continues as, my main ride.” A pic of that steed is here.

And I can understand. For a lot of folks into three speeds, posting photos to Instagram is easier than blogging. There’s maybe only so many ways to talk about three speeds in a blog format. Heck, some of the existing three speed blogs may be better suited for IG or tumblr.

And who am I to talk? This blog isn’t exactly “hopping”. I have good intentions to post here regularly, but I don’t always have something to say about three speeds. I don’t simply want to become a repeater of other three speed content, and I don’t want this blog to just be a bunch of photos either. You can look at my IG or flickr for that.

Still, there are three speed blogs out there that post regularly and have good content. I always enjoy a post from The Bike Shed. He goes into good detail about his bike projects, and ends up finding some cool bikes.

Still, I wish there were more three speed blogs out there. The best I can do is make sure to post here more often!

*Calm down. When he bought the International it was already a single speed.