What to do with a 1953 Rudge Sport

Here’s another blog to prove me wrong when I said there’s no Three Speed Blogs anymore! 😉

Ironically, I also owned a 1953 Rudge Sport with that alloy shelled AW hub. I never repainted mine though. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes…

My escape

And so it begins.

I purchased a 1953 Rudge Sport from a local bicycle aficionado/collector as part of a deal.  He acquired it as part of one of his swap deals. Being a Schwinn kinda guy, he had no desire to hold onto “British stuff” and was willing to part with it and a 1956 Birmingham Hercules (my initial reason for being there) for $40.00 total! I too, wasn’t all that interested in the cruddy Rudge. I was attracted to the Herc’s much better appearance and condition.

The picture does it justice and is not at all representative of it’s actual condition. What should turn, wouldn’t. What should shine, couldn’t. He felt it was destined to have the cables stripped and finish it’s existence as yard art. I brought it home on the back of my truck: my wife’s face reinforced his thinking.

Weeks later, I found some alone garage…

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