87a72662-f24b-49dd-8746-6fd2a3e51350Hello friends! It is Tuesday, April 2nd, the second day of this year’s Three Speed Adventure April Challenge. So far, eight fine three speeders have signed up!

And we have our first report of the event (sort of) by Happy Little Three Speed. To answer the questions brought up in that blog post:

  1. It’s not about average grade, it’s about actual grade. So, look at the grade chart on the bottom of the map. Whatever section is 5% or greater is good for the challenge. And if the hill isn’t long enough, ride back down, ride back up, rinse, lather, repeat until you have enough.
  2. The distance challenge (15 miles or more) can have stops in it, like for lunch. The total ride just needs to be at or greater than 15 miles.

Okay! I hope more of you accept the challenge. Remember, you still need to sign up for the challenge and adhere to the rules. You can do that over here.

Finally, since someone asked: Yes, it HAS to be a three, four, or five speed internally geared bike. No, you can’t ride a single speed. This isn’t the Society of One Speed!

2 thoughts on “The first day of Adventure April is over. There are still 29 more days to go.

  1. So you say Three, Four, or Five speed hubs, is there any love for original Sturmey Archer S2 duomatic hubs? I know they’re rare as hens’ teeth, but surely their use is just as valid as that of an AW, my (usually) three speed Triumph sometimes has a 1967 example fitted, I rode it 30 miles across London in October.

    1. I don’t dislike the two speed hubs, but there just hasn’t been enough interest to warrant inclusion in the society. (Plus, two speed hubs are also pretty American too. Nothing wrong with that. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Having said that, I’d entertain inclusion if there was interest, and the request was well written! ๐Ÿ™‚

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