Three Speed Adventure April 2019: One week in report. (Plus: prize packs announced!)

Hello folks! Three Speed April is just about 1/4 of the way done. As of now, we have about a dozen folks signed up for the challenge. Right now, no one has filled out the Challenge Report form, though I have seen reports online from 3 Speed Seattle and Happy Little Three Speed. Online reports elsewhere are great, of course, but to truly qualify, please remember that you must first sign up for the challenge, and then fill out the reports. All of this is done via Google Forms. (Google Forms auto-saves info, and you can go back in to edit and add more stuff.) So go here to do all that!

Some other worthy news:

Remember, if you complete one challenge, you qualify for discounted membership! That’s right, successfully complete one of the five challenges (any one!) and you can get a membership for just $15 plus shipping! So you’ll need to a) register b) complete one challenge and c) report it on the Google Form. This discount is good for the length of the challenge (April 1-30) and must be reported no later than May 31st. Please get in touch with me to get the discounted membership.

Prize packs finalized! Just like last year, for every Challenge you complete, you qualify for a one-inch button (badge) for that Challenge! Yes, the buttons are the same as last year, since I still have quite a bit.

But! And a big but! There is more. Feast your eyes on the new Three Speed Adventure April design:

Why yes, that is a patch! This 2 1/2″ patch is expertly sewn by Falls Creek Outfitters. You can qualify for this patch if you successfully complete three or more of the Challenges. This design will also be made into a 1 1/2″ weather proof sticker (decal). Complete at least one of the challenges to qualify for the sticker!

And note that I said “qualify”. This swag ain’t cheap, so in order to get this stuff sent to ya, you’ll need to contribute to the cause. The rough (and not completely finalized) price breakdown will be:

  • $7 for two stickers and buttons (anywhere from one to five buttons, depending on how many challenges you complete)
  • $15 for the above, plus the patch (if you do three or more challenges)

Please note that these prices are in US funds and do not include shipping. I’ve decided to keep it simple with buttons and just offer one flat rate. So it encourages you to do more than one challenge! And I’ll also give you the option to purchase multiples.

Price packs will be sent out in June or July, after payment has been received.

Okay! Keep on signing up, and keep those updates a-coming!