Hello friends of Three Speeds! Just a reminder that our first workshop, the Sturmey Archer Hub Rebuild Workshop, is just two weeks away. And while we’ve sold half of the spots, we still have space available for you!

This class will be taught by expert mechanic Patrick Loftus, who has overhauled many an AW hub in his day. It will be held at the Community Cycling Center (1700 NE Alberta St) on Wednesday April 24 at 7 pm.

Learn how to overhaul a Sturmey Archer three speed hub! Veteran bike mechanic Patrick Loftus will open up an AW hub, dismantle it, and reassemble it in working order during this ninety minute workshop. Participants will learn about lubing and adjusting cables while learning some theory and history. Bring your own three speed as we may be able to help with adjustments. Please note that this is otherwise NOT a hands-on workshop.

Limited to nine people.

Price: $20 for Society of Three Speeds members, $25 for non members, plus service charge.

Society of Three Speeds memberships MUST be purchased previous to purchase of member-rate ticket. You can purchase membership here:


(Please note: You just need to PURCHASE membership, not receive in the mail. So yes, you can purchase membership and then immediately purchase member-rate ticket.)

Thank you to the Community Cycling Center for giving us the space for this event.

Register for this workshop here.


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