SOTS Blog · Upcoming Three Speed Rides in Portland

Three Speed Day Tour is this Saturday. You going?

46735832964_d2d2dfc114_oHello folks! The Three Speed Day Tour is happening on Saturday April 20th. This 25-to-30ish cruise will head down to Oregon City and back. Registration is required, you can register and find the full details here.

All the basics from the initial ride description remain. Here’s a few other pointers:

  • The long range forecast for Saturday April 20 is good: Slight chance of showers, high 60F. Now things can change between now and then, so…bring your rain cape!
  • I plan on having a “tea stop” around mile 10, weather permitting. This is a byo affair, so bring a stove and pot/kettle, hot water, or pre-brewed tea or coffee. I may have extra water to go around, so if you are one of those people who don’t have/carry a stove or thermos, please let me know. (You’ll need to bring a cup!)
  • Lunch will be in Oregon City, which is about 16 miles in. Adult beverages can also be consumed at this spot.
  • On top of that, there could be another possible coffee (as in coffee shop) stop. This is a leisurely ride!
  • This ride should hit up three of the five challenges of Three Speed Adventure April: Distance, Climb, and Coffee Outside. I’m seeing if I can incorporate some dirt to make that challenge too. Have not signed up for the challenge yet? Do that here:

And yes folks, there’s still plenty of space available. Hope you can come!

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