A mid-June SoTS update

From the Three Speed Ride on Wednesday June 5, 2019 at Sellwood Park.

Hello friends of Three Speeds! It’s been awhile since I checked in here. It’s been busy times around these parts. Right now, we are in the midst of Pedalpalooza, Portland’s month-long celebration of bike fun. I’ve led or co-led (or will lead or co-lead) about ten events total this month, so I have a LOT on my plate!

But no better time than now to check in with everyone out there about three speeds and the Society. So without further ado…

  • Three Speed Adventure April wrap-up: As we speak, the patches for the event are in process, and I should have them soon. I’ll be getting out prize packs sometime between now and mid-July. I want to get them out as soon as possible, but with Pedalpalooza and a trip to Vancouver next week, let’s err on the side of caution. You’ll get those packs so long as you a) completed the submission form and b) paid for your prizes. If, somehow, I’ve missed you and/or you’ve totally spaced, please get in touch ASAP!
  • I’m also going to write an official Wrap-Up post talking about those who participated. But that may not happen until July because of all the busyness.
  • I’ve got mixed feelings about the scheduled Willamette Valley Three Speed Tour that’s supposed to happen Sept 13-15. There hasn’t been much interest expressed in this tour and I’m not feeling as motivated either. I’ll release an “official statement” by mid-July on whether it’ll go further.
  • I’d like to do a Three Speed Ride in October, to coincide with Three Speed October. News about that will be forthcoming.
  • Also, I’m not ruling out leading a Three Speed Ride in another city (most likely somewhere in the NW.)
  • For those of you who are all “Hey, I’d like to do something in (insert your city here)!” Please do! We need more Three Speed Rides, Socials, Bar Crawls, what have you. Please note that I don’t have the bandwidth to create Three Speed events out of my area. But if you do, get in touch with me as I’ll definitely help in whatever capacity I can.
  • I still haven’t gotten around to breaking the SoTS memberships into a Basic and Enhanced price/level. So, they are still $20 plus shipping, and that also gets you a year of Postcard Club. I WILL change this soon (most likely by the end of the month), so if you want to get the best price on the membership, the time to act is NOW.
  • Finally, I had a good turnout for last Wednesday’s (June 5th) Three Speed Ride. About 20 of us rode from the Vera Katz Statue on the Eastbank Esplanade, crossed the Willamette via Tilikum Crossing, south along the Willamette Greenway, and then back across the river via Sellwood Bridge into Sellwood Park where we enjoyed a snack and beverage. Here’s to more rides. Below is a gallery of some of the bikes from the ride.

REMINDER: Three Speed Ride this Wednesday, June 5

Hello folks! We are in the midst of Pedalpalooza, Portland’s month-long bike festival of fun. I’ve done a Three Speed Ride during every Pedalpalooza since 2012, and now it is time for another!

This ride will be a shorter, weeknight cruise. And as per custom, the Pedalpalooza ride is my annual “open class” ride. Meaning: any one on any bike. Three speeds obviously preferred, but ride what ya brung!

Meet me on Wednesday June 5 at 6 PM at the Vera Katz Statue on the Eastbank Esplanade in Portland. (This is just north of the Hawthorne Bridge, by the fire station.) We’ll depart at 6:30 PM for a leisurely afterwork ride on three speed bicycles!

We’ll have a nice 10 mi cruise, stop somewhere along the way for supplies, and end at a picnic spot to watch the sunset. Ride not a loop, but will end near transit. Picnic blankets, lights, and layers are a good idea!

The weather for Wednesday looks decent, cloudy with a high of 68F/20C. See you then!