A Three Speed Bike Date

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Sunday August 12th. It was a nice day out, starting cloudy but ending up mostly sunny with a high of 76F/24C. Neither Emee or myself had obligations. So we decided to go on a little bike date, a ride around town with no firm plan in mind.

We got out our three speeds: for Emee, her green Raleigh Sports circa 1974. I decided to take out the Robin Hood path racer since it’s been awhile since I’ve ridden it. After a late brunch, we headed west towards the Willamette River.

After checking out a new street, we decided to hang out a while in South Waterfront Park. I’ve been really digging this greenspace next to the Vancouveresque glass towers that constitute South Waterfront, and am looking forward to a more improved, more connected Willamette Greenway (the path that runs the west bank of the river south of downtown.) They were…

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A ride on a Clubman: A member “post”

vdjl3ahSociety of Three Speeds member Gary B. in the Twin Cities wrote up a ride report of a ride on the Cannon Valley Trail in Minnesota. This ride was on his new-to-him 1949 Raleigh Clubman. Via Bikeforums:

Sunday morning was a special treat; I drove down to Cannon Falls to ride the Cannon Valley Trail. Starting in Cannon Falls rather than Redwing gave me the opportunity to begin and end my ride at Nick’s Downtown Diner. I got my favorite table, right by the window, where I could see my bike locked up outside…”The Bomber” chili-cheese omelet was perfect fuel for the longish ride ahead.

After breakfast, I headed out on the trail. The green tag on the stem is what you get when you pay the user fee – $5 for the day, or $25 for the season…I hit the trail with my 70 year-old steed, and cranked it up to warp speed…and ended the ride at the same table in Nick’s Diner.

That was a thoroughly enjoyable Sunday ride. I’m going to do it again once the leaves start turning.

For more pics, go here.