New Mid-Nite Bicycle League sticker! (Plus, some new buttons.)

Urban Adventure League

Hello folks! I’ve got a new sticker in the Shop! Or rather, a new-old sticker. Lemme explain:

I designed my first Midnite Bicycle League sticker way back in 2002, when I loved riding the streets of Portland at that hour. (You can see the original design in the Esoterica Buttons, below.) Word on the street is Ayleen Crotty of Filmed By Bike fame saw the sticker on a bike rack and decided to create the Midnight Mystery Ride (MMR) here in Portland. That ride has been going on stong since 2003!

While you can still get the original design in all of its Cateye two D cell circa 2002 glory in the Esoterica buttons (for now), I decided to revise the sticker design for 2019. So, a fresh new multi-colored decal in a badge shape, featuring a bottle dyanamo!

No, you do not have to be in Portland or participate…

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